Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Yup, the Gipper is into it, too. I pull the weeds, and he chews them into submission.

I love getting home early, because I have such dreams of playing outside in the daylight when the weather is nice. And the weather is super-nice today. But then I go outside, and the laziness overtakes me. Is it just me, or does it feel more active to sit outside in a hammock than it does to sit inside at a computer? Just being outside makes me feel like I should get credit for working out. That's really sad. My standards are so low.

On a different note, I've volunteered us to work on the residency's website, which can be perused here. It's just a tiny bit outdated, and the undoneness of it offends the little graphic designer still hidden somewhere inside me. I know sometimes there's no avoiding the *under construction* pages, but I could live without the little caution bars. Maybe this can be my "little project." (Can you read the sarcasm there?)