Sunday, March 26, 2006

Digital blues

Sometime since Christmas we've managed to misplace our digital camera. D has looked everywhere for it, without success. The last time we recall actually having it was over Christmas break at my parents' house. I guess I havent' asked her if they found it, but I'm sure it would have come up if they had.

I haven't actually started looking for it yet myself, which may be the limiting factor. Somehow I'm really good at finding things which Dennis cannot. It's an unexplained talent, especially since I'm not that great at finding stuff that I've lost.

I even had a dream last night that I was going on a trip and needed the camera. In this dream I knew where I'd left it, some random hotel room from which it was unrecoverable. So I was running around town asking people what kind they'd recommend because I wanted to buy another before leaving for my trip. The dream also involved me missing my plane out of sheer stupidity (I never looked at my itinerary). So it was a little stressful.

Let's see if I can find that camera now...