Friday, February 04, 2011

Weekend Update 2.4.11

Here's a whirlwind tour of the last six weeks. I will spare you the massive amounts of text and just get on with the photos. Hold on to your shorts!

Frannie's first Christmas. She LOVED the wrapping paper!

Henry really loved Christmas this year. Presents were particularly fun. After every present he said, "I needed that!"

Santa brought Big Buzz That Knows English AND Spanish!

The second day of Christmas--Henry's first time sledding. Brr, cold!

I love this man.

The slowest, unsteepest sled ride ever in the history of kid-dom.

The pond was moderately frozen over.

Biggie braved the cold to see what we were up to.
If you haven't already heard, Biggie passed away in January. RIP, kitty cat. I was very upset about the whole thing. I think he was trying to console me, but Dennis told me that cats don't have souls. So now I can't even imagine a happy Biggie in kitty cat heaven. *tear*

Don't be fooled by how fast Henry may appear to be going in this photo. It was the wind. I think he had already come to a stop at this point.

The fourth day of Christmas. Cousin Andrew (and his parents) came to visit. Andrew and Fran modeled baby headbands together. One of these babies enjoyed the experience much more than the other. Gipper apparently thought Drew was delicious.

Henry shares the wisdom gained from dealing with a very lovable dog for 4 years.

The seventh day of Christmas. Henry follows in his mommy's footsteps by modeling the Perry family wreath. I prefer it as a collar. He likes a sombrero.

Henry's fourth birthday party. This is Henry's friend Sam.

Frances enjoyed the pizza, too.

When Lucy arrived, Henry had to help her unzip her coat.
They make a very cute couple.

Grandmom (with some help from Daddy, I believe) made Henry's birthday cake. The rocket in the foreground is a Buzz Lightyear candle.

More presents! Thank you for the awesome Crocs snow boots, Aunt Kelly and Parrain Jacob and Cousin Andrew!

Yes, the birthday hat is still going strong.

Yes, Mere, I am taking picture of Frances.

So there.