Friday, May 22, 2009


So if you've been wondering what we (and by we, I mean, mainly Henry) have been up to, it's "Outside!" Every evening when I walk up the stairs, Henry is waiting for me at the top, saying, "Outside, Mommy! Outside!" Then he grabs my hand and tries to drag me to the back door. He loves to do anything and everything, as long as it's outside. For example:

Helping tumble Mommy's compost bin.

Gipper enjoys "Outside!" too, just not as actively.

Watering the yard.

Check out my awesome new slide! Thanks, Mere and Doodah!

The inaugural run.

I've got this landing thing down!

Can you feel the fun?

Check out my sweet bike trailer!

Hmm, not sure they know how to ride those things yet...good thing I've got my Thomas helmet.

Whew! I survived!

Now I'll show them how it's done, and looking good while doing it.