Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just another day.

Yup, I'm officially old. At least from the perspective of someone who was just getting comfortable with the idea of being "twenty-something." At dinner tonight I whined because I didn't get carded when ordering wine. 

I'll admit that I have been walking around in a little bit of a funk for the past week. It's nothing particular about it (and nothing really rational), but I definitely have felt this birthday looming over me. Which is just silly. It's another day. 

Dennis brought something up that helped me gain some perspective, however. He said, "Just think of where you are already, and you're only thirty." Just think of where I am already.

So instead of lamenting the passage of my twenties, I'll embrace the beginning of a whole new decade by reminding myself of where I am now:
  • I'm married to the person who is just perfect for me. I can't imagine there being something better than this.
  • We have a beautiful, healthy son.
  • I've survived medical school and residency.
  • I am building a practice in a great office where I'm very happy.
  • We own a nice house in a wonderful town. 
  • We have the means to live comfortably and do what we like within reason.

I think that's pretty darn good for thirty!
And besides, who am I kidding? I drive a station wagon!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New duds.

Here's an adorable little outfit made by Angel of Cotton Candy. The diaper matches the shirt, and the shorts are fleece (which works as a diaper cover). Isn't it just awesome?

Not only are we gardening,

we're also composting! Dennis and I made a compost bin from a trash can. You can find the instructional video that we used HERE. The main difference between the video and our method: we used a drill. Nailing was not working out. Maybe the chick in the video had a much wimpier trash can to start with?

The only thing it lacks is a bungee cord to keep the top on snugly when it's rolled around the yard.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is it summer time yet?

Not quite, especially since it almost froze here last night.
But one of us seems ready!

Check out the new Crocs!

No, we do not serve our son alcohol. Most of the time.

This is one of the current favorite activities: spinning in a circle.

"Which way is the beach?"

Go Phils!

Two weekends ago we visited Cincinnati to catch the Phillies playing the Reds in Great American Ballpark.

Henry had his first hotdog.

"What's that on your head, Dad?"

Just look at those matching profiles! What a pair!

Too bad the game was in the middle of nap time--Henry was not a happy camper, and we left early. But we did stay long enough to see Ryan Howard hit a home run in the top of the 5th.

He did sort of like his new stroller, just as long as he was the one pushing it.

On Sunday Dennis met Jim for the game. Henry and I did a little shopping instead. It was a much better day for him. That's my son--he'd take the mall over the game any day!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Henry wants to say "Hey!"

Actually, the way he says it has two syllables, "hay-ay!" It's pretty cute. I'll try to capture it on video for y'all sometime soon. And in case anyone's wondering, he is walking on his own some. Still wobbly, but 5-10 steps at a time on his own. We're getting there!

These bread-eating pictures below are a little bit old (like a month). You can really see how much he's grown when comparing to the above photo with the skinnier face.

Can anyone say daddy's boy? Where else would he get these expressions?

Yup, homemade bread is delicious!