Monday, August 13, 2012

School starts tomorrow!

Me: Are you dancing?
Henry: Yes.
Me: Why?
Henry: Because I have music in my head! That's why I am dancing! 
Fran has several favorite expressions:
But I want to!
Help me, mommy!
Bess you, daddy!
Baby Ted mad!
More milp! (milk)
I got it! (a classic, really)
Nope, not crawling yet. 
Frannie has also turned out to be a big helper in the garden--she can pick out a ripe tomato as well as anyone. If we are picking cherry tomatoes she will require acknowledgment of every single one before it can go in the bag, though.
Ted, 7 months, Henry, 5-and-a-half, Frances 2 (and every bit of it!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Seven months old now.
Eating some solid food.
Too top heavy to sit up unassisted for very long. (Hello Daddy's noggin!)
Still the happiest baby on the block!