Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Update 11.21.10

So the Weekend Update is a bit like Five Things Friday, but I won't guarantee that you're getting 5 things every time. Also, I haven't yet come up with a wittier title. I'm open for suggestions.

Like most 3-year-olds, Henry can be terribly hilarious to talk with, whether he knows it or not:

1. (In response to someone calling the baby Frannie) Henry:"Her name is Frances, Mommy."
Me: "But her nickname is Frannie. Is that okay?"
Henry: "Yes, but her NAME is Frances!"

2. Henry had a difficult time adjusting to his new preschool, "Mommasori."
But now if you ask him how his day was, he replies, "I calm down at that new school, Mommy."

3. Not surprisingly, Henry doesn't quite yet understand the difference between can't and don't. One of his favorite expressions: "I can't like that broccoli."

4. As a loud truck passed us today while walking downtown: "That truck scared my ears!"

5. Me: "Henry, guess what I heard last night when I came home?"
Henry: "What?"
Me: "An owl!"
Henry: "What do owls eat?"
Me: "Mice and insects."
Henry: "And what else?"
Me: "I don't know, what do you think owls eat?"
Henry: "Pancakes!"

Henry went from "I can't like to fly that kite" to "let me do it!" in just an afternoon.

Gipper has been doing some "'splorin'" lately, much to our chagrin. He apparently is so doofy and loveable that he doesn't even realize when the neighbor dogs are about to eat him.

Henry's "Tookless" Halloween costume. He's very proud of the costume Mommy and Daddy made him!
(Side story: There was a little party at Mom's Morning Out for Halloween. I asked Henry what his friend Lucy wore to the party. "Her mommy not finish making her costume yet." So sweet--everyone's mommy must make their costumes!)

Less than a week after Halloween, the Chatham family jack-o-lanterns were finally carved. On the left is "Zoey's pumpkin," on the right is Henry's.

I take my food very seriously, Mommy.

Earlier today we tried to arrange a photo shoot outside (time to get our Christmas cards in the works)...

Monday, November 01, 2010

A few *fairly* recent photos

More to come in a day or so...