Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm addicted to cheese.

Truly I am. I think I'd pick cheese over ice cream, or crawfish even. Maybe not every time, but if I had to choose one to eat for the rest of my life, cheese would certainly win. Mint chocolate chip, you sultry vixen, don't hold that against me. I still love you a lot. Just not the most.

And just when you think you're the fattest ever, you get fatter.

Yep, only 3 weeks off from the Y, and I'm working hard on obesity again. The week we were in Belize I did walk my butt off in the heat. But we've been hitting the gym again this week, and I feel like all those weeks of cardio and weight-lifting have disappeared. Yesterday I struggled to just do 10 minutes on the elliptical, and not even at a strenuous pace. Today we stuck to the treadmill. Mainly that was because the ellipticals were all taken, really.

We've decided to hold off on the weight-lifting until next week. Just showing up at the gym is hard enough. Man I feel like I'm starting all over. bleah.

Then after breaking a small sweat, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, El Maz. At least we're keeping our visits there down to once a week or less.

Let me just put my goals in print, so I can't avoid them. I want (okay, need) to:
1. get my BMI down to 25.
2. be able to walk up at least 2 flights of stairs without passing out.
3. make exercise a habit.

That'll do for now. If I get too many goals I'll just give up.
If I make exercise a habit then I can eat a little more like I enjoy, right? Sure.

At least Gipper never gets tired of playtime.