Friday, March 31, 2006

Get Healthy Now!

woohoo. I finally managed to talk to my "health coach" from Gordian. It's this program through U of L or Humana, whoever, that basically saves me $20 a month on health insurance premiums. I have to make some healthy lifestyle changes and talk to a health coach every couple of months. I'm not sure if the health coach had any idea that I'm a physician, but I figured telling her wouldn't accomplish anything at this juncture. She'll just think I'm even more of an idiot. Anyway, they're sending me lots of "helpful" information on my chosen goal: weightloss and in-shapeness. We'll see if that helps.

I did set some goals with her, which I think we probably recorded officially.
--Long term: lose 35-40 lbs, get in better general shape.
--6 months: lose 25 lbs.
--Short term: work out more consistently and try to stick to a healthier diet (i.e., about 1300 calories).