Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ready for spring

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Gipper.

I'm so ready for spring--I really want to start working on the garden. I've been mentally planning out what I think I'll plant this year:
- corn (probably an entire box)
- green beans
- sunflowers (just so much fun)
- onions
- okra (yummy)
- cucumbers
- pumpkins (in their own patch this time)
- herbs, especially basil
- maybe some squash

Last year we built two boxes, but I think we may expand to 4 this spring. Depends on how motivated we really get. The plan is to put the pumpkin patch over in the back left corner of the yard, although we've got to be careful to avoid digging up the cable/phone lines.

Here's one of the proud gardeners admiring his handiwork:

Now if the weather would only cooperate.