Sunday, September 17, 2006

The belly

Well, our ultrasound printer has been down, so no new baby photos to share for a while. Here's a shot of the big belly, though. (Blame D if the quality is lacking.) I'm now 23 weeks and 1 day, if anyone is counting. Second trimester is coming to a close! And thank goodness it's getting cooler outside. I'm like a freakin' baked potato!

Gratuitous puppy photos...

Gipper loves his daddy!

Gipper was all cute and clean when he came home from the kennel.

He's so tired after all that fun that he can't manage much but napping for a day or so!

It's a puppy burrito!

Friday, September 08, 2006

19weeks 6days

These are our most recent pictures from August 25th, the first day I felt the baby move! He's kicking the heck out of me. D can't feel it yet, but we're waiting for that next.

His head is down on the left, and the belly in the middle of both shots. So far, his head isn't really any bigger than it should be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...if anyone's baby will have a huge noggin, it will be mine and Dennis'!