Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Answer: Two Days.

The Question: How long does it take for Henry to get sick after starting Mom's Morning Out (part-time daycare M/T/T/F mornings)?

Yep, exactly 2 days. More like 6 total hours, to be precise. Henry began MMO this week (well, for us it's technically DMO) so that Dennis can start working part-time at the office. Today at lunch I noticed he was super hot and trying to get a head start on his nap. Temp=101.2. Dr. R. took a look at him and ordered a rapid strep test--bingo! So now he has to miss tomorrow for sure (contagious for 24 hrs after starting antibiotics). And daddy has to call in on his second day of work. Hopefully his boss will cut him some slack!

What I find hilarious is that this child walked/crawled/slid around my office every day for over a year, put every nasty thing he could find in his mouth (including my stethoscope when he can get it), practically licked the floor, and not once has he been really sick. 2 days with other kids his age and bam, he's down for the count. 

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hats off!

Or on, really. Henry really loves to run around wearing my old baseball cap. As in, once he has the hat perched on his head, he runs back and forth across the living room giggling his butt off like it's the most hilarious thing he's done all year. It is pretty funny actually.