Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're home, but...

...I'm not done showing off from our trip!

Last Friday morning, Henry showed off his high-chair sitting skills, along with his sparkly teeth.

This is a toothy grin covered in 'naner (banana, if you didn't know).

First we visited Hohenschwangau Castle, where the famed King Ludwig II spent most of his childhood.

Here's one of the beautiful views from the courtyard.

My two loves.

A pastoral scene of the Bavarian countryside.

Schloss Neuschwanstein, built by King Ludwig II (never finished). King Ludwig dedicated it to the composer Richard Wagner. (Hmm, unmarried king dedicates castle to unmarried composer--any theories on that one?) Upon Ludwig's mysterious death at age 40 (found drowned after being declared incompetent to rule), construction was halted. Six weeks later it was opened to the public for viewing.

You might recognize it as the "Disney castle," which is based upon this one. It's ridiculously fancy.

A closer look.

From the courtyard.

That night for dinner, Dennis was brave and ordered the "Farmer's Plate," although he had no idea what it was. It. Was. Meat. Of the pork variety. Interesting, at least.

We also walked around the beautiful little town of Obergammau which has lots of beautiful painted buildings. I'll call them frescoes, although I'm not totally sure of the manner in which they were painted. Obergammau is famous for its yearly performance of the Passion Play (which was notoriously anti-Semitic in the past and was revised in the past two decades at the request of the Vatican). It also boasts many woodcarving craftsmen, and we managed to pick up a few little pieces for Henry.

More to come...