Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last bits of the trip

Apparently on Sunday we were too exhausted to take many pictures.
This is a very picturesque street in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Rothenburg over the Tauber), which is a lovely little town with lots of Christmas shops. It would be very easy to blow all of our spending money here. Good thing it was our last stop!

On Monday night we were stranded in Newark, having landed too late to make our flight to Cincinatti. While waiting in an interminably long line to be rebooked, Henry practiced sitting up. Unfortunately, he didn't actually do it for the camera. So just squint and pretend you can't see my hands there, and you'll get the idea!

We did finally make it home on Tuesday afternoon. The Gipper was excited to see us for sure. I can't thank the Hempels enough for taking care of him!

And now, time to go to bed. I've got to take The Boards tomorrow (certification exam for the American Board of Family Medicine). No stress here. G'night!