Thursday, July 26, 2007


On Saturday we traveled to Munich, where we had lunch at the famous Hofbrauhaus.

You can only order beer in 1 Liter steins. Okay then.

Dennis' mom and dad had coke and water. Very intrepid of them.

No, Henry didn't have any, but the stein was almost as big as he.

Dennis looked a little "louied" before he even finished the beer. I didn't even come close to finishing mine.

Later, Dennis and his dad took a Third Reich tour of Munich. This is the second floor of the Hofbrauhaus, which was used for the first big Nazi rally.

He took a bunch of photos on the tour, but I have no idea what they're of, so I'll leave that to him if he wants to post them.

Henry and I chilled at the hotel that afternoon. (Hey, we were tired from all that sight-seeing!) Plus I had to read Harry Potter 7.