Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mittwoch (Wednesday)

Imagine this photo is better, and you can see Henry's two bottom teeth shining at you!

Today we visited the Cathedral of Cologne--it is the second tallest Gothic structure in the world, and the most perfect (according to our guide, anyway).

The main entrance to the cathedral.

A closer view of the Madonna and child at the entrance.

The cathedral is filled with stained glass windows. This one depicts the life of St. Peter in the top half, and the archbishop who provided it in the bottom half.

This floor mosaic depicts the church which was on this site previously. The current Gothic structure was begun in 1248 and completed in a mere 632 years.

Henry enjoyed visiting the remains of the Magi.

A somewhat closer view of the crypt containing the remains of the Magi. On January 6th each year (Twelfth Night for you Louisianians, also Epiphany for the Catholics) pilgrims are allowed to approach and view the skulls of the Magi up close.

The oldest crucifix in the world, created of wood. It was (I think) the first cross depicting Christ in a realistic manner.

German pizza is apparently weird. That is, in fact, a fried egg in the center of this pizza.
This is what we're doing now...