Monday, June 04, 2012

What's Fran up to these days?

She is becoming such a big girl. Almost always playful, and so smart and mischievous. She talks and sings non-stop. She has learned how to screech loud enough to hurt everyone's ears, but if you trick her into singing sometimes she'll forget what she's doing.

 Usually she's not so serious.

 This girl loves her bath time.

Once upon a time she was the well-behaved child in church. Not so much now.

Mere made her a beautiful dress for Easter (it matches the other kids' outfits). 

Both of these kids love to pose for photos. I'm not sure how I ended up with such photogenic children. 

She has graduated to the big girl swing, but only on her tummy. Henry has been her coach, teaching her everything he knows about the finer aspects of belly-swinging.

 Henry had to show off his birthday hat even though it was Fran's big day. Frannie does love to get Henry's attention, and she will grab things away from him to make him yell and cry. He hasn't managed to catch on consistently, but if he just rides it out she will settle down and give his toy back. She really loves her brother's attention!

Frances LOVES fresh peas from the garden. She's graduated from eating the ones I shell for her to sneaking inside and breaking into them all on her own before I even finish working outside. I can't say I blame her. If you've never eaten just-picked peas right from a garden, you are missing out on one of the true joys in life.