Sunday, June 03, 2012

He IS the third child,

therefore, we must completely neglect photo opportunities. Or at least posting them regularly. Let's pick up where we left off, shall we?

 Here's Ted at about 2 weeks old.

First bath--little man did not have a fun time.

Ted's Christening--Dad got to show him off to the church.

Here we are with Doodah, Mere, Aunt 'Rie, and Parain Michael.

And the Chathams: Uncle Tim, Grandmom, Cousin Zoey, Nanny Melissa, and Pop Pop.

Here we are with Father Tom.

This guy has always preferred to look to the left. Fortunately he worked that out before we had to start worrying about physical therapy or a helmet. 

Again looking to the left. "But it's my good side, mommy."

The Chatham boys on Easter Sunday.

Hey there, Henry, I mean, Ted!

Look who learned how to roll over! 

Ted is just about the happiest baby ever. 

(Maybe he's just happy to get any attention with these rowdy older siblings.)

"I can also be thoughtful, mommy."