Thursday, December 14, 2006

The countdown is on!

Yesterday was December 13th, so that means less than one month until D-day! I know, very few people actually deliver on their due dates, but there's got to be some day to count towards. At this point, if I went into labor spontaneously, we'd just let it go. Crazy! Next Saturday (the 23rd) is when I'll be officially full-term (37 weeks).

So maybe I got a little too excited about being off bedrest and having good blood pressure. I made the mistake of checking my BP yesterday, and Sherry happened to walk by, and of course it was up again. No symptoms, still no proteinuria, but I've got to take it easy again. But only one half day of clinic left tomorrow, and then I have next week off. I guess it's okay; I was getting behind on my knitting anyway. I've just got to get back to behaving myself. yuck.