Thursday, December 28, 2006

37 wks 4 d. Ugh.

Well, back to bedrest for me. I worked all day yesterday and my blood pressure was fine. Then today I checked it at work, and it was the highest it's been. So I was sent home to rest. Then this evening we went up to L&D for some monitoring, labs, and BP checks. My pressure was still up, not as high, but not great either. Baby and labs look good, which is reassuring, and my pressure came down once I laid on my side. So I'm back to confinement. Bleah.

And I have hardly been contracting at all in the past few days. So I'm starting to resolve myself to the idea that he's not going to show up any time soon. I guess I had just decided it would be any day now, which leads to constant disappointment. He'll show up when he's ready. I just wish he was ready. I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but it's hard to not be ready to meet our littly man. There's too much anticipation.