Monday, August 13, 2012

School starts tomorrow!

Me: Are you dancing?
Henry: Yes.
Me: Why?
Henry: Because I have music in my head! That's why I am dancing! 
Fran has several favorite expressions:
But I want to!
Help me, mommy!
Bess you, daddy!
Baby Ted mad!
More milp! (milk)
I got it! (a classic, really)
Nope, not crawling yet. 
Frannie has also turned out to be a big helper in the garden--she can pick out a ripe tomato as well as anyone. If we are picking cherry tomatoes she will require acknowledgment of every single one before it can go in the bag, though.
Ted, 7 months, Henry, 5-and-a-half, Frances 2 (and every bit of it!)