Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Update 12.12.10

Snow Snow Snow!
(and not much else)

1. It has been much too cold to do anything outside, so we've been doing lots of inside cleaning, and baking, and soapmaking. For my readers who don't live in Kentucky, when bad winter weather threatens, everyone rushes to the store for "bread and milk." Literally. As in, we (not thinking) made a routine trip to the Kroger for a nice Saturday afternoon outing. Bad idea. I suspect that everyone in the 5 county area was in our Kroger buying bread and milk. Luckily we still managed to snag some. (Hey, it was already on our list, I swear!) Imagine that a hurricane was coming and Rouse's was running low on batteries and bottled water--fun trip!

2. A few things Henry has been saying lately:

--I like that "Soda," referring to Yoda.

--If you recall his favorite movie, Frosty the Snowman, you know that there is a bunny rabbit named Hocus Pocus. Henry likes to pretend that he's playing with the rabbit, but he calls him "Focus Focus," or sometimes "Hokist Pokist" if he's corrected.

--He does like to repeat everyone's full names. He knows Henry Dennis Chatham, and Dennis Edward Chatham, and Becca Perry Chatham. Our favorite, though, is Frances Aunt 'Ree Chatham!

--Frequently he points out when everyone is in attendance by yelling out, "Whole Family!" and then naming out everyone. Sometimes the whole family also includes the Gipper, and occasionally Biggie and Smalls as well.

--A couple of times this week I've caught him calling his baby sister Frannie. No more, "Her name is Frances, Mommy!" I guess.

3. Frannie has 2 real teeth (bottom front). She loves to show 'em off, except when I want to snap a picture. Also, "She is a wiggle worm," according to her big brother.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I am glad to see your children growing. Frances seems to be growing the fastest. They are precious. Love, Nannie