Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 week down

17 + years to go! Well, and then some!
Grandmom has demanded more pictures, so I must oblige:

This past Saturday we brought the kids to Lex to meet cousin Andrew. He and Frances took turns sleeping through the visit.

Frances spent most of Doodah's visit sleeping, too.

Earlier today Frances enjoyed hanging out with Daddy.

Henry's always up for a photo op.



Kimmy J said...

Congratulations Rebecca, your family is so adorable:)

Sarah C. said...

I love the first picture! Hope you are doing well. Frances is so cute! I love all that dark hair. Henry's such a cutie too, but of course, you know that. :)

Mrs. Perry said...

So cute! We cannot wait to visit.

In other news, I received a blog award and I am passing it on to you since I enjoy your updates so much! :) The info is in my "Honest Scrap" post. I understand you're probably a tad busy for such things but I wanted to give you a shout out anyway!