Thursday, February 18, 2010


Although the whole process seems unending, we are making some progress. Almost all of the wallpaper is down. Now we're scraping the residual wallpaper glue, which takes as long or longer than just removing the paper. Then just 2 more washes of the walls, and we're done--with that aspect. This is starting to get old fast.

Dining room before we started.

Dining room now. (Thanks, Grandmom!)

Hallway before.

Note the THREE layers of wallpaper in some areas.

Hallway now.

Downstairs bath before--who doesn't love bouquets of seashells, really?

Bathroom now.

Have I shown you the most interesting room in the house? It's the master bath. Note the gold tub and toilet, the blue shag carpet, and the pink wallpaper. I think the wooden toilet seat really brings it all together and makes it work.

(In case you were just dying for a close-up of the Valentine's wallpaper.) It came down over the weekend, which I think was very fitting.

So if you're keeping track of our to-do list, here's an update:
  • sliding glass doors replaced with French doors--mostly completed--needs some framing finished and handle/deadbolt installed
  • French doors installed to front living room--doors not delivered yet, and "the guy" for that is working on the other French doors right now anyway
  • front door threshold repaired/jacked up--done, I've been told
  • garage door openers--purchased, waiting on "the guy" to install them, hopefully within the next week
  • HVAC repair--"the guy" said he'd be out to look at it this week--I guess he's taking his time, but still 2 days left to the week
  • electrical work: ceiling fan installation (7 of them, please) plus moving the bathroom light fixtures, plus figuring out the front floodlights--"the guy" checked out the house today, and apparently will be back next week to get that done
  • drywall repair--gotta wait until all the wallpaper glue is cleaned off first and the electrical work is done, then we'll call "the guy"
  • carpets--to be done after drywall and priming are done
  • locks changed--will call "the guy" after the back French doors are done so we can have all matching locks (I'm totally pumped about this--only one key!)
  • chimney cleaning--back burner at the moment

And by the way, I'm 31 weeks pregnant today--only 9 weeks to go until my due date, so the pressure is on! Besides, who knows when this girl will decide to show up? If all of the above list doesn't have you feeling my stress, I also haven't made any diapers for this baby, or done any shopping, or even evaluated what sort of newborn stuff we might need. I got rid of a lot of Henry's baby stuff that I didn't just love, plus I've been told I must have some pink things. And the icing on the cake is that she's still breech--already a troublemaker! Keep your fingers crossed that she will cooperate and turn over sometime soon!

Grandmom came to visit for the weekend, and we kept her hard at work. Mere is coming Saturday to take the next shift. And I need a nap.


Kimmy J said...

I hope she turns... girls can be so stubborn sometimes! I can see in Ella's personality why she was breech...Good Luck with everything, I am sure it is going to look awesome in the end!

Jacob said...

we can't wait to come ride our horse all over henry's farm!!