Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're buying a farm!

The closing is (finally!) scheduled for next Thursday, which seems a bit unreal since we've had a contract on it since October! We are also still trying to sell our current house in this ridiculously slow market--if you've got any clout with St. Joseph, put in a good word for us, mkay?

Here are some shots of the outside:

The front, obviously

The back

View from the front steps (big front lawn)

Partial view from the back of the house--
the fence separates the back yard from pasture

Our "shed," or outbuilding, or whatever it's called

The back pastures

The whole property is 17 acres. It's been used as cattle pasture until now. We have a few plans in the works for it down the road. For now we're going to focus on getting into the house and making some repairs/updates. The property also has a huge pond; Henry can't wait to get in "Henry's Boat," which is a half-sunk little fiberglass dingy that has seen better days. Maybe when it warms up a bit...

As we work on the inside, I'll show some before and after photos so you can keep up with our progress. First items to tackle on the to-do list: remove layers of wallpaper, repair drywall, and replace 32-year-old royal blue shag carpeting (we're pretty sure there's no wood flooring under there--it's likely original to the house). Feel free to stop by and help out if you've got some extra time on your hands!


Marie Amedee said...

Dennis and Bec, Congratulations!! The house and property are awesome. I hope to get to visit there, especially since I haven't done so in your current home. Love, Aunt Marie

Anonymous said...

If the inside looks as nice as the outside then you have a winner. I love it. Good luck with selling.
Love, Nanny

MHT said...

Rebecca, I am so excited for you guys. Last time I talked to your mom she told me she didn't think ya'll were going to be able to seal the deal. What a wonderful place to raise your kids! Mo

Fox Blog said...

Congratulations! The house and property look awesome!!! So much space for the little ones to run and play. Enjoy!