Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

And inside. 

We had the winter storm from hell this week--freezing rain for more than 24 hours, then 2-3 inches of snow on top of that. Most of our county and several of the surrounding counties are out of power. We lost power on Tuesday afternoon. The first night wasn't too bad. Yesterday we went to Jacob and Kelly's. Tonight I'm on call, so we're back. 
Still no power, and still about 24 degrees outside. Thus about 40 degrees inside. 
How am I blogging? you might ask. We bought a generator at Home Depot in Lexington, and we're snuggled up in the basement. We've got the essentials: an electric heater, blankets, TV and internet! 
Not sure when the power will be back--last night it was said they hoped to get it 80% restored in 3 days. So in two more days, if we're lucky. 
Here's to a long weekend...
Sorry, no pictures--the battery needs charging. Maybe that will make the list eventually!