Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas morning!

We had a pretty quiet Christmas this year, just the three (okay, four, with Gipper) of us. Even though we don't think Henry knew what was going on, he managed to wake up at 4:45 a.m.! I never realized before how exhausting Christmas can be for parents.

The big reveal of the tricycle--
thanks, Mere and Doodah!

Henry loves all of his gifts, but this ball from Grandmom and Grandpop is a favorite. He definitely loves to say "bwall!"

Henry's gift from Daddy was Dennis, the lazy diesel engine.

You didn't think Santa forgot the Gipper, did you?

Henry still isn't quite sure enough about Elmo Live to touch him, but he will watch him, mesmerized, from a few feet away. He also is learning to dance along.


Sarah C. said...

Cute pics. Love the pj's. Noah is consistenly knocking down his Elmo Live, and you know what happens then. All the times I've helped him up, I really think that I AM Elmo's best friend!!