Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Go Phils!

Two weekends ago we visited Cincinnati to catch the Phillies playing the Reds in Great American Ballpark.

Henry had his first hotdog.

"What's that on your head, Dad?"

Just look at those matching profiles! What a pair!

Too bad the game was in the middle of nap time--Henry was not a happy camper, and we left early. But we did stay long enough to see Ryan Howard hit a home run in the top of the 5th.

He did sort of like his new stroller, just as long as he was the one pushing it.

On Sunday Dennis met Jim for the game. Henry and I did a little shopping instead. It was a much better day for him. That's my son--he'd take the mall over the game any day!


kimmy_humphrey said...

Nap time...it is so important, huh...! Glad to see you guys are having a blast:) He is so sweet! Keep the pictures coming, I enjoy looking at 'em:)