Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our little family update.

So we did manage to close on our new house on Wednesday, woohoo! Which means we are now homeowners, again (at the same time, I mean). But we are hoping to do the closing on our old house this coming Wednesday.

The moving company sent 3 guys to pack our stuff Friday. I wasn't home for most of it, but apparently the Gipper supervised in my stead. He did an excellent job, from what I can tell. So we are currently surrounded by 8 foot piles of boxes and a few random toys. Loading will occur on Monday and unloading on Tuesday.

I graduate on Friday night, so this is my last week as a resident. Which is a little scary and exciting all at the same time. Does anyone ever really feel ready for the real world?

I'm taking a month off before starting at my new practice. Part of that month will be spent getting acquainted with the new office and town as well as taking the Family Medicine Boards (ginormous test that's taken at grad and then every 6-7 years to make me official). The other part will be a two-week trip to Germany! I hope Henry continues to be a good travelling baby, because we have a few long flights ahead of us.

Enjoy the pics below!