Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bedrest is fun!

Okay, I'm kidding. It's boring as hell. But I am getting a ton of knitting done. And we've made it through Season 2 of 24. Only 2 more to go to be up to date (since I saw Season 5 actually on television).

You would think I could get my Christmas shopping done online or something, but I'm so not motivated. I actually like shopping in person.

One of the main complaints I have about not being able to go anywhere is that I can't have any sushi! I know, it's silly. And I've only been able to eat the wussy rolls with cooked fish/shellfish in them, but it's amazing how addicted I've become. Maybe if we get some Chinese food I can convince myself it's the soy sauce I'm craving. I thought about sending Dennis to BG to get takeout sushi, but the one time we tried that it just wasn't any good once it got here. I think it would be a major disappointment.

Hmm, so nothing really happening here--no big surprise. I did make a third trip to L&D yesterday, just for a non-stress test and some BP measurements. Everything looks fine. But I'm tired of being there. If we'd just stop checking my blood pressure, I could go on about my business! I do feel pretty guilty about everyone else at the office having to take up my slack and all. It's just crummy. Maybe I can find a way to make it up to them later... Too bad I can't even bake cookies for everyone this year. Pickles it is then!