Sunday, October 29, 2006

Third trimester blues

There's no denying that I'm officially in the third trimester (29 weeks yesterday). Of course it's awesome to have passed the viability cutoff. But everything is getting more and more exhausting. And I've got to admit a couple of recent blows to my pride:
--the rings don't fit anymore--so D bought me a bigger band (I will not walk around preggo without a ring!)
--I broke down and bought support hose yesterday--so attractive, but better than huge sock dents in my calves I guess.

We did win 2nd place in the costume contest Friday night. We were beaten out by the pregnant Britney Spears (Robin did quite an excellent job at that, and she throws a great party). I have to give Dennis a lot of credit. Even though I made his hat (which made the outfit, by the way) he found the shirt and white pants and the frappacinos, and pulled it all together beautifully. No one had to ask who he was. I was supposed to be a housewife, but I couldn't see going out with my milkman with house slippers and curlers--not cute enough. (That's the look for the husband.)

We start our prenatal classes this Thursday, another sign that we'll be having a baby soon. It's hard to stay in denial! I have been feeling the beginnings of the nesting instinct. I've made a couple of lists for stuff we should have before the baby's here, and the list for packing the hospital bag. Plus there's the "things TO DO before baby gets here" list, that I haven't quite put together yet. And don't even mention the million other things to do coming up with the holiday season. ugh.

Anyone want to come over and help?