Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What we've been up to...

Friday night: KAFP (KY Academy of Family Physicians) Resident Quiz Bowl. 2nd place. well, not the most embarassing place, considering there were only 4 teams. I can just see the old guys, "Let's plan something fun for the kids!" But we did win money, for the program.

Saturday: Phils at Reds. Of course we got there early to watch batting practice, which didn't happen because of rainy weather. I always find it hard to pay attention to baseball games, especially from the upper deck, but at least we were dry throughout. And the Phils won 2-0. In fact, they swept the series 3-0. woohoo.

Sunday: driving driving driving, from Cincy to Houma. Ugh. And my poor boo drove the whole time while I relaxed. He's a good man. Oh, and happy mother's day!

Monday: chillin' in Houma.

Tuesday so far: chillin' in Houma. We're headed to Baton Rouge tonight for Michael's art auction and then SUSHI. yummo.

I do miss the Gipper, though. I guess he's having fun on his vacation. He always does.